Smile…it is Saturday!


A delightful hello for a wonderful Saturday. The rain has eased off here so it is a little muggy, which makes getting into a mood to do anything a little difficult. I have started with a breakfast not necessarily a proper one but it is food, so it ticked the boxes. I do have proper meals planned for the rest of the day. I am happy with the fact that I am staying on track and ticking the boxes. 

I was chatting to one of my girlfriends last night about how much difference it is making just having the three meals each day, not that I have much energy but that I can make up a plan according to what I know I will be able to do and see it through to the end. I am sleeping a little better as well. I am really looking forward to when I get to the having three properly balance healthy meals. After I grew up and left home in my teen years I became a vegetarian and have been on and off since. But my medical team have said that there are numerous eating styles so it is very much making up the one that you need so you meet your eating requirements.

I am getting my room sorted little by little and not having panic episodes over not being done in one day. So my GP was correct when she told me to make a list of small activities that I can get done in the one-day regardless of my physical or mental state.  I have decided to include in my routine next week (starting Monday) that I will go to bed at 10:30pm lights off and no excuses for not following up on it. This I am hoping will get me back into a more regular routine…like with the eating.

Anyway, as I started saying a couple paragraphs earlier, I was chatting with a girlfriend and telling her all this “on the road to recovery Adrienne”  and her response was to email the above picture to me…I do have to say that we have been friends for about twenty years so she has seen me as my best and worst, but I liked it that much I just had to share it.

I am still looking at businesses that you can run from home via the internet and I never realised that it was such a large scope. My main focus is getting my health back to where it should be before I start to really look for work but I do not think I will have any problems getting something to do from home.

Well, again, thank you for staying with me to the end, and I hope that your weekend is just perfect. Restful and overloading you with happiness.

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  1. This picture is great! I have a bathroom I really have to clean this morning, so it resonates a lot with me. As for your three meals a day, it should help with concentration. I always have more brain work-age when I eat three proper meals. (Unfortunately, I’m writing this as a diabetic who just had four twinkies for breakfast, so I really have no right to comment on that.) Anyway, I’m glad you’re on the road to recovery. I know it’s a long road, but you sound really positive.

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  2. I can appreciate the wrong foods at meal times. Thank you for your positive support and I know that I will have up and downs but I am going to really fight to stay on the upward trail. I feel better with my GP and Psychologist telling me to keep it at small steps and stop thinking I can fix it all at once.

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