Some people feel the rain, others just get wet!


A wonderful hello to you and wishing you a great Friday. I always use to love Friday’s, the ending the working week and preparing for the weekend. It is raining here at the moment and has been on and off for about 4 days but last night it settled in as a constant downfall – not heavy – very comfortable and just what makes rainstorms great. I grew up in Far North Queensland where we had a proper wet season so when I get weather like this I find a wonderful comfort zone and total relaxation.

I have found simply a pleasure working my way through the list above and have managed to do all but number seven and I think it will be most likely Sunday before I can do that one. I find it so interesting how a simple change of events can create a state of happiness for you which can make you feel so good in a world that has been causing you so much heartache. 

I am still working on starting up my from home business and signed up for a free introductory online course. It is the end of February and covers all the issues you need to know and because it is live you can ask what you need to know, the only problem is that it is at 6am so it will mean an early start for me. It will be good long-term as it will help me to get a better idea of what is out there, where my skills can best be used and what sort of cost I will be looking at. 

I am going to play around with my desk this weekend and work out what I need to set it up so I can use it effectively. I have my painting and colouring in tools there, my recipe and health books, the current reading books, my laptop and my food tray area as I like to know that if I tip my teapot or mug over I do not ruin anything else. At the moment I have to keep moving things around and I am getting a little annoyed as it takes to long, plus it will all look much neater.

Well I am going to sign off as our Manx and Great Dane have come in for some loving (our pets love the raining wet), so I am going to put a movie on and settle in to spoil both of them.

I hope that your day has been kind to you and that your weekend will treat you with much happiness and adventure.


One thought on “Some people feel the rain, others just get wet!

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  1. It has been raining here…. The rain started around 4 p.m….Till 6 p.m….I was stucked in school couldn’t go home in the rain… But it’s super fun… I got to make new friends and interesting conversations with people… Have a great weekend too…

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