It is best to dream…then make them a reality!

Good Evening to all and I hope that your day has treated you with all the kindness you deserve. I have done a lot of reading today both on the net and, wait for it….real books, that have been written by people who have lived (or are still living) through what I am experiencing at the moment. 

I had a mother of 6 and grandma of 13 message me on Facebook, to tell me that she had similar feelings with the kids not wanting her anymore until the grandkids started to arrive…then she had her life back, she ended with “you just need to work your way through it”

It was lovely to hear and it got me thinking that I have never waited for anyone to do anything. I have always broken the rules, I have always been the one to have the plan to get what we want. I know I have been up and down but that is simply part of depression and anxiety, which I have lived with since I was 17. I do have other medical problems (one being that I can not remember things I have said or done – this has only been a problem since after the stroke – ) and it makes it look like I may never return to the workforce in any of the previous jobs I have been trained for or full time for that matter. So I will have to start looking at the times I am good and then see what sort of jobs I can create from that I can to do from home.

I have always been the one to help with English…all the way back to primary school, it was me that help my mates do their assignments or forge the notes from the parents (I have told you I was a nightmare of a child), at Trade School I would help the other tradies do their compulsory English work, then at Uni I did it as a job. I have actually tutored English to New Australians. So I have that at the top of the list.

Then I got to thinking of the things I have done over the years – I can actually take an old book (a real one) and restore it, as well as make a book to your requirements; I can crochet, and knit, I am great at making handcraft items like scarfs, belts, plant pot hangers and photo albums, just to name a few, I just use to make these for friends over the years as gifts. I can actually design clothing…even though I rarely put a dress on, all my girlfriends did and I would design them to suit their personalities. I made my kids clothes and I would always make the curtains, towels and so on for any house, I was in.

There are businesses set up online to give advice on everything and anything and it really just comes down to working where your passion is and what your best skill is. Looking at some of them I thought that you could even do two or three during the week. I was really amazed at the number of various ways a person can focus themselves on a recovery so that they can release their tension and create a focus toward an activity that will give them some of the dignity and strength back.

I know I am still going to have ups and downs as I still have tests to be done and I am terrified of what it will show. I know that I can no longer work full time, but if I can get part-time from home (allowing for flexibility due to my illnesses), it would be a perfect answer to my problems. Today is a perfect example I am feeling wonderful, I have written a little on my novel about women warriors, research other jobs that I could cope with given my medical problems, read blogs written by fellow bloggers, did a little more on my room to give it ‘a me feel’ and just relax, forgetting that I have any problems.

I would like to thank you very much for reading this to the end and let you know that it really does mean so much to me. I hope that you have a lovely tomorrow and it gets you all that your heart could wish for.

It is best to dream…then make them a reality!

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