A happy Monday morning hello to you and I hope that your day is going as you are hoping. I have not had a productive one for me being the way I am at the moment. I did not wake too early as I had one of those horrid ‘nasty’ friends came to play during the night. If you have any form of this you will know it can be just a part of anxiety or it can be an extension of your depression, mine is the depression which will impact on my mindset for the following day. 

I decided as I watched some of my favourite movies on the laptop to help me go back to sleep (The Avengers will chase away any demons!!!), but I did not wake until 7am and was feeling very foggy, so my start to the day was a little on a slow side I decided to be nice to my daughter and sweep and mop the house for her (for those who do not know my kids have graciously allowed me to live with them since I got sick), and the pair of them do everything and I really feel like I am being so VERY LAZY and just using them.  

I know that my brother and baby sister were still living with my parents when their ages were the same as my kids are now but this is the house the kid’s rent, so it is me that is dependant on them. I feel so out of my depth, I am not Mum anymore…the kids have been living independently for the past six years, I am not needed to help, shop, clean, or any of those other things I use to do! So what do I do?

Our society did not cover this at school, children grew up at home until they got married, then they got their own home and started on the kids (grandkids) and the families meet back at Ma and Pa’s for all the important events – births, marriage, Christmas, Easter and all the rest – I can remember having breakfast at Nana’s EVERY Sunday morning until she passed. Christmas was a massive FAMILY event at the senior family member’s house, all the Aunties, Uncles, cousins (from first to at least fourth), and it was wonderful.

I am not sure when it all changed but I do know that it was not for the best…as a family we nursed my Nana at her own home until she passed (she had cancer) and Pop just passed in his sleep also at his home. But my father has been put into a medical home as it has been deemed that we can not look after him at home properly.

What made us into a selfish, selfless society, and it is not just this, when my husband left me, he had nothing to do with his children – that is simply selfish, selfless behaviour, and  as both a teacher and youth worker I can state that our youth are the ones that are being damaged by this change in society. Many come from broken homes, used as a tool between their parents (who often know nothing about their child) and the parents then what to blame the world because of their children’s misbehaviour. I really think it is time to have a look at what we do as a SOCIETY and fix our problems up.

Thank you for allowing me to have my rant but this is something that I am very passionate about. I have worked with many young and old and the only thing that is missing from their life is people who should love them and treat them with respect. Some countries have programmes they run so that the elder can support the young and pass on all their knowledge to them, the young also teach the older how to do modern things. See if your local community has one set up and it might give you something to do.

Wow, I am really overtired, to have gone from being confused about living at my children’s house dependent on them, to how modern society has stopped caring about both our young and our elderly. I really think it is time to say bye and I hope that the rest of your day is wonderful xx.


The Waltons – The way the family should be?


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