Finding Inspiration…

“As we grow we forget the simple pleasures – such as picking up a pencil and colouring something in. But simple creative work can be incredibly calming and self-soothing. 

The Zen of Colouring aims to help you lose yourself in the process of being creative -helping your stresses drift away.

Relax, be inspired by the patterns and simply let your feelings guide you. There’s no right or wrong, there’s no end goal. put pencil to paper and just enjoy.”

A lovely Sunday hello to all, and I hope that your day has been just perfect for you. I went for an early morning walk this morning to the local market just down the road and picked up this really cool colouring book “Zen of Colouring Beautiful – art therapy images to relax your mind and body” and I fell in love…to make it even better it was only one dollar! It is filled with Haitian Vodou skulls drawn in a variety of styles, both male and female skulls in different styles…I simply fell in love. I will post the odd one up from time to time as I finish it. 

I have had another semi-lazy day as my body is adjusting to having food at regular times and three times a day. But I was happy with my early morning walk. I will finish my room tomorrow because I just have not been well enough this weekend to complete the task. I have started to plan how I will keep my teaching training up to date so I can go overseas as soon as my health is back to where it is meant to be.

I found my disc and two of the exercise books I have the original work in for my ‘washbaskets and warriors’ book. My writing style has certainly improved but the ideas have some promise. So I did a little note making on that today.

So after the past few days with the advice from my psychologist, GP, a couple of my fellow blogs (thank you for your support), and a few of mates, I have come up with a plan that takes in the next twelve months. Something I feel I can work with and work my way through, that will get me to where I want to be…teaching English in Asia.

Thank you for reading my words and your continued support, I very much appreciate it. I hope that your week is great and I will chat tomorrow night.

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  1. Teaching is fun and interesting….. I have been a teacher briefly although that is not my line of profession….. It’s a nice choice and teaching people, the forever effect in someone’s life…
    I wish you speed recovery so you can start teaching…

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