Let’s watch a movie…

A delightful hello to all and I hope that your day has treated you with joy and kindness. I have had one of my lazy days as I normally do after I have my doctors, shopping outings. However I have found it really peaceful, I had a lovely breakfast (yes went back to bed with it) then I checked emails and attended to what business I have to do like feed the pets etc. After my shower, I decided to go lay down again as my hips were around the 9 on the pain scale. So I thought I would write down the names of the movies I liked from my past together with the odd tv show I had watched on a friends recommendation. I have generally been a reader rather than telly watcher and I have always viewed going to the cinema as a formal outing which I generally would do it with a restaurant meal either before or after.

Well, I was really interested as I catalogued the actors and their films in my notebook so I can start to source where I can download, purchase etc of their work. I also made up a list system (you know to the five stars rating), Getting all organised as I have been advised that on my depressed days reviewing memories that are linked with happiness will reverse the negativity. As my joints can also be very painful at the same time I decided that my movies from my past would be the way to go.

James Spader – one of my hero’s without me actually realising it.

I went to the cinema to watch Endless Love (1981) and the love affair began, he did not even have the leading role but I just thought he was wonderful. His first leading role was in a film in 1985 Tuff Turf, and yes I was there simply because James was in the movie. However what has really surprised me today as I have gone through both the movies I have liked or the actor, just how many had James in. I can assure you it was not an intentional move as I would often go to these movies on my own because my mates would often say how odd the films were, but I was intrigued by the storyline, or the way the film had been made (some were independent films).

I purchased Stargate on DVD as soon as it was released (it did also have Kurt Russell in it and that was an added bonus and yes I do have that on CD) James has made films that have created debate (Secretary – one I can remember cause ALOT of discussion). James has made many pictures from 1981 all the way to Avengers – Age of Ultron, I counted 35 but that does not mean he has been lazy. He has also ventured into television shows. Boston Legal and Blacklist are two of his shows that I watch, and I simply adore Boston Legal endings where James and William Shatner would just simply sit and chat as real friends do – flaws, faults and all – so real. So what I have done with the ‘S’ part of the index notebook is work out how many discs I am going to need just for James work.

John Cusack – one of my all-time favourite actors.

Well here is the other one of my all-time favourites. If you had asked me before I started making this list up for feel-good discs I would have said “yep, he’s great and of course, I have seen some of his pictures” No that is certainly an incorrect statement…I have seen all 61 films the man has made. I have always had my copies of Sixteen Candles, Must have Dogs and True Colors (that one has several of my other favourites in including James Spader), and I have always found his scope in his acting ability amazing. I have also liked the fact that he has not played the Hollywood game and often gone for the independent film, which is generally so much better than the ones that are simply produced for the quick dollar. 

Well, I am off too cook a burger, make a herbal tea and settle in a watch Stargate and Must love Dogs, so I really hope that your night is going to be as relaxing as mine. Thank you for joining me to learn that I do have a little case of obsessive behaviour!

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