My trip begins…

A wonderful good evening to you and I hope that you day has been easy and enjoable. I have just got home from my GP’s visit, so it has been a very long day for me and I am really tired. I have taken my meds and have some beautiful fruit to go with it – fresh manjo, figs, red grapes, yellow and white peaches, when I have these long days I really do not feel like I can eat but fruit always works.

Both my Psychologist and GP have spoken and agree that for the next month I am to focus only on getting my eating into order. Three meals a day, at regular times with one of those meals being a good, well balance feed. I am to stop writing my journal and keep a food diary with the emotions that interact with what I am eating.  They want me to paint a picture of why I select what I do, if there are foods I eat because I enjoy them but I appear to have negative reactions after – baked stuffed capiscums and I end up with an upset tummy about a day later – so it is to really look at just how well my body is working. 

My GP told me today that there are certain foods that can impact on the body in a negative way, the food could be a healthy one but just does not work for you. She also said that the way I have been since June with my up and downs, not being able to eat effectively that my body will be missing many of the neccessary minerals and vitamins that it needs to work correctly. Taking multi-vitamins and minerals will not neccesarly working correctly has my system is not funtioning as it should be. 

I am to see my psychologists every two weeks and my GP once a month unless something changes. I brought my paints today, and my relax chair as of tomorrow I will be reorganisng my room, so I can have my creative space (painting, reading, writing and blogging) and ignore the world. I am really looking forward to it as I feel as  if there will be progress. My eating habits brought back into control which may help with the weight and body pain, but it does not really make any difference if I do because I will be building the internal body back up to where it should be, and both my GP and Psychologists said I will notice a huge difference.

Again, I thank you for reading the details of what is happening in my world, it really does mean alot to know that there are people who pop in to see what I am up to. 


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    1. Thank you again for your positive words, I really apprectate them. I like the idea of keeping the focus on my true loves and hopefully getting my history book published. By the Ireally loved your Unicorn poem.

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