New path to follow for ME!

Good evening to all and I hope that your day has been kind to you. I have had an interesting one and I am actually feeling good about what has happened. My wonderful Psychologist has decided that we are going to approach this all from a different angle. She has decided that our interest will not be to focus on the overweight factor and the painful sessions I experience trying to get some exercise actually done which is definitely doing more harm to both my body and mind.

The new plan is to forget all about the dieting, I have had a bad history with this notion and fall into the group of yo-yo dieters, but instead, I am to plan to have three set organised meals. On the days I am not feeling well I can sort them to suit, healthy smoothie for breakfast, grill tomato and cheese sandwich for lunch and a re-heated meal that I have prepared on my good days and put them in the freezer. My psychologist has said that I start with making sure that I have the one good sound meal a day but that I must continue to have three meals each day (with the other two being what I can cope with to prepare or eat) and my body will start to repair itself, as it will be lacking in many of the goodies the mind and body need to function. She said the great thing is as the body actually starts to heal and become healthy with all the nutrients and vitamins that it needs to function it is far more important than your current size.

Well, I am off to see my GP tomorrow, and hopefully, organise some more blood test to see if we can find out what is causing my horrid bruising. I will also need to ask her about my eyes and see if I just need drops or if I have some form of not nice thing happening, I just simply hate this constant watering and itching (it is worst after I have read of a reasonable period of time).

I did all my food shopping today so tomorrow I am going to get a comfortable writers chair and get serious about finishing the novel I started in year 9. I am going to ignore the fact that my body will not let me do what I could, and start working on a couple of things on the top of my list….getting my nutrient/food intake as it should be, and write my novel. If I  need to relax I will put on some of the great music from the 50/60&70s and do some colouring in any one of the numerous collections I have to stay calm. Ooh and I will be keeping a collection of the good recipes I encounter, so please feel free to ask me to share any of your favourites.

Again, thank you for putting up with the raving of a middle-aged woman, who thinks that her day was good enough to bore you all with.

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