Learning to be fearless !


Good evening to all, and I hope that your day has been gentle with you and turned out just as you wanted. I  am still having off days and really can not get over the pain levels in my back and down my legs. It has been that bad I have been crying without being aware of it. 

I have a full week, visit to the psychologist tomorrow and on Thursday off to see my GP. I am really hoping that they can do something to ease my pain and not really knowing where I am at the moment.  I am going to ask both of the professionals if this is all just in my head. I had a person tell me this week that it is all a put on because I just could not be bothered to do anything for myself and just wanted all the attention. 

I just feel so lost and confessed, I read many others stories that seem very similar to mine, so I think that it has to be real. But this person knows me well and I think that maybe they can see something in me that makes them come out with that opinion. There are days when I feel like nothing is wrong with me, but then I will just fall apart and everything spots working and I can not even get out of bed.

Thank you for letting me have my little clean my mind, I really to get comfort knowing that there are others out there who do truly understand. I hope that your day is good for tomorrow.

Learning to relax, really stopping your brain from thinking and just have the time for your body, mind and soul


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