Restful Sunday!


Hello on this beautiful Sunday. It is a little on the warm side where I live but that just gives one an excuse to settle into a chair in the shade with a pitcher of homemade lemonade and read a book. I have had a couple of days of being ill so yesterday I spent the entire day in bed, and as a result for today, I am not going to push myself too hard.

I have spoken to my Ma and Baby Sister, so the family catch up was good, although at the moment is it a little like who has the longest list of problems for the doctor to deal with. Still, we manage to smile (most of the time) though it all. 

My blog today is because I often wonder what others do when they are just sitting at home, not ready sure what to do with their day. Sometimes you just want to cook up a ‘naughty’ food, settle into bed and read a good book. Maybe go out and visit markets just to see what the rest of the world is up to. One I use to love to do was visit my favourite coffee shop with my best mates and loss the morning just laughing and joking. And of course, you can not forget the footy match during the season….an extended period of time either scream at the umpire/referee, players or the other team’s supporters. There are so many different options to do to keep ourselves entertained.

I often remember weekends back when we were little….trips to the beach, picnic lunches (all home pre-paired), and the entire family – grandparent, aunty and uncles, cousins and the direct family would enjoy the entire day there. I miss those days. 

Well, that is it for me today, there is a lot more I would like to share but my body has said it is rest time. I hope that you are having a wonderful day and that your weeks is just perfect for you. 



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