It comes down to what I do!

Hello, and I hope that your day has been kind to you. I have not really done much but some cleaning, a little cooking, some writing, and trying to work out just what I really what to do with my life. I think I am over thinking it from what everyone else is either saying or not saying. I have always wanted to be a writer, so I think I will have a go at this as the next chapter in my life. 

I would definitely go the history side of it but whether I would target it to adults or children I am not sure yet. I might even give it a go doing my own illustrations if my painting exercise works out. I certainly know that I am sick to death of doing nothing that I view as productive. I do chores in broken up time frames, for example, I will do the dishes like – glasses, little plates and knives/forks first: then rest for twenty minutes or so and then do the rest. It really is like not having a life and it annoys me, as I was a person who survived on about four hours sleep, and was amazingly productive.

I still love my writing and will spend hours on it, it is not always correct as the stroke has definitely affected my brain, but my doctor has told me that I can get a lot of that back with practice. I am still reading but again it takes me longer because I do not always recognise the words or remember what they mean. And as I have decided to take up painting so letting my brain and hands get their coordination together, I may even illustrations to match the stories.

I have decided to go vegan/vegetarian as the meals are easier to prepare, and there is much evidence that indicates that it is beneficial for the brain recovery. I know the actual weight loss will be difficult as going for daily walks causes my joints problems, and my pain level very rarely drops below six so it honestly does cause me pain to walk. One of the assistants at the gym gave me an exercise sheet that has ten routines that are designed to strengthen my muscles as I lose weight. So I am hoping that I will be able to work it well enough to make a daily walk possible. I am still looking for a public pool that has water aerobics.

It really does not help that I only look like I am overweight, as people treat me with such nastiness, and yes it is noticeable as when I have my walking stick the treatment is entirely different. My medical team has requested that I use it as little as possible for the leg muscles and nerves weaken and make the problem worse. 

I have added two of the pamphlets that I have been given that I thought were great. The pain scale one I liked as I now know how much pain I actually am in rather than just have a wild guess. I have made my mind up that I will not actually take any painkillers until I get to 11 and upward. Below that ice packs and resting up. 

As for the second one I am working on this one, I have put drink more water in for mine January one because I know I certainly do not do that now. I am going to work the rest out and set it up using my new found painting skills and pin it to the wall over my bed.

Well thank you for taking the time to read my blog today and I hope that your day has been treating you with kindness.


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