When is it tomorrow?

Good evening to all and thank you for dropping by for a read. I hope that your day has been good and treated you with kindness. I have not been too good so today will be a small blog as I am very tired and quite achy. I just popped in as I missed yesterday and I do not like breaking my oath that I would do this daily as part of my return to good health.

I have good some lovey veggies and red lentils for a fresh soup tomorrow, and I did get an A3 art block so now I just need to get the paints – still have not decided if I want oils or acrylics yet. I made a wonderful fresh mango smoothie for dinner tonight and it was delightful. Other than that I really have not done much. tomorrow I am going to organise my room as I plan to look at set up so sort of online tutoring business for History and English. 

Well, that is it for me for tonight. My head has stopped working, my eyes cannot really see the screen, much less the words, my headache is moving up a couple levels on the pain scale and I am feeling a little nauseated. 

Thank you for dropping by as I appreciate the following very much, and I hope that your day is great.

The world you create for yourself?


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