Carpe diem

Hello on this beautiful Saturday. I hope it is treating you with kindness and you are finding the relaxation and enjoyment that you need. I promise that I am not going to write a major blog tonight but just a short insight into more of the reason I love my writing friend. 

Carpe diem – the enjoyment of the pleasures of the moment without concern for the future.  In 1989 I went to the cinema to see Robin Williams in the “Dead Poets Society”, where he plays the maverick English teacher John Keating who inspire a class of male students to seize the day and follow their dreams as unique individuals of value. The film had a great influence on me and Williams more so as he was known to suffer from depression. My thinking was if he can do what he does, then why do I have to settle for just being normal. I write for pleasure, relaxation and because I believe that I have a story to tell. Mainly I write for me, and yes it would be divine to a prosperous novelist, but not at the cost of a pleasure I have that services my sanity. At the moment it is all that is keeping my sanity as it should be – well sort off!

Until June last I had never viewed life as being short and too often I talk to people who do not have time to ‘smell the roses’. Even after I was told I had Fibro, I still felt distressed by this as you only get the one shot, why waste it trying to be ‘successful’ but miserable as a person. If you are not content or doing things that make you happy then take a long hard look at your life choices and modify what does not make you happy.

Will it work? I do not know, I do not have a crystal ball but I can state that once I feel happier within myself, I will be much closer to being me again.  I have read so many books that cover this as a theme,  we all read them (or watch the movie) and promise to change my own life but that is it. My New Year’s Resolution for 2018 was to take control and live the life I promised myself when I graduated from High School in the 1970s.

It is not easy, I am in pain, I feel sorry for myself, and I feel as if no-one cares. This blog is part of my ‘seize the moment’, I have created a blueprint, I have a list of achievements I want to do. It is really remarkable when you look at what you want to achieve and, then match it to what you actually do. I have achieved much more than most in my age bracket, I have helped change history and now I am feeling sorry for myself…not good!!! 

Thank you for taking your valuable time to read my words. Make your plan, add your comments. If you like what I have written then tell your friends. If you don’t like it use the comment box and let me know


.‘Carpe diem’  for the future is unforeseen.

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