Beautiful days!

Hello to all and I hope that your day has been beautiful to you. I have had a quiet day here as there has been little to do and my head has decided to give me a little ache down the left-hand side so it has been a little bed rest. 

I have been downing a little planning and organising my books so that I can get it together for my day with my doctor and psychologist to review and either approve or fix up on Wednesday. I have also listed my teaching skills for the tutoring job for the phone call tomorrow. I have also contacted two gyms to set up visits to see if they can organise what I need.

I am not certain just how much I will be able to do each week at the moment but I figure that if I start out small and keep track (and may sure that it is from everything I do from the start of the day to going back to bed) then I will know just how much I am improving.  It must make sure that I focus each day. I really did not feel as if I had the energy to move today but I did make myself do a few small tasks, I am now going to take my painkillers so I can sleep and that way I know I will get a sound sleep so I wake feeling a little better. 

Thank you for being with me and I hope that you have had a great day.

Health of Spirit Mind and Body Means Mindfulness
Getting the Spirit, Mind, and Body to balance so that you can function as the person that makes you happy and content.

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