Why do I need to meet anyone else’s concepts?

A cheerful Sunday greeting to anyone who has given up a little time to see what I have to say. I hope that your day has been good and that you are looking forward to your new week. I have had a very inspiring day, a day of rest, the pets are taken care of (really family members that just walk differently), but I have not done any of the housework I promised myself I was going to as my back and hips are at a 9+ pain level, so I just have to wait for that too easy itself off. 

I had a conversation with my son that has really got me thinking. It is so odd when you look at something from a different viewpoint. I have health issues – yes my joints and muscles are not working as they should, I did a male job for over 28 years then had the kids and women’s bones/muscles are not designed to go from male work to childbirth, so now I have issues but if I stop feeling sorry for myself and actually started to exercise (little bits to start with, no need to pretend as if I am training for a marathon), and lost weight so that I am somewhere closer to what I should actually weigh then that may help, not just with the pain level but the feeling as if the world is out to get me.

As a result of the stroke in June and the fact the doctors are still unsure as to what caused it and if it is something permanent or I will need surgery to repair any damage caused is something I have no control over so, therefore, should not bother about. I need to teach myself to live for the moment and do not concern myself with things that I have no control with. When I was in the mental health unit I discovered that I may have a natural painting ability, but whilst I promised myself that I would buy supplies, I have not because I am scared to fail. I would not let one of my students get away with that poor reason, so why allow myself too!

I have also decided to go to a gym and speak with a professional and let them know my history and see if I can get a water aerobics and water gym programme worked out. After I spoke to my son I wrote out a list of all the things I have achieved in my 55 years on this planet and I could not find a single thing that stopped me from achieving what I wanted to do. Yes, I have had depression since I was seven, my teen years anxiety became a friend but I still soldiered on. The only difference this time is that I found out that I am mortal…well all the more reason to get off my backside and do the things I want to do.

Thank you for your conversation chocotales it gave me much to think about.

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