Words as saviours!

Good evening to everyone and I hope that your day has been special for you. In Australia today we have been remembering the invasion of the British upon the Aboriginal people or celebrating it as the beginning of the British ownership of land that belonged to others. So I have spent much time reading and I have been reviewing a lot of the blogs. It is really interesting the difference in the viewpoints for a single topic.

I am new to setting up a blog, I had prior experience whilst teaching (still have my handwritten notes as I am a little old fashioned and still not 100% sure that the computer will keep my writing safe) and my students would often help me with the IT side of it. So what is an acceptable behaviour for blogging I am still learning? One of the blogs I was reviewing mentioned not reading long blogs but having a preference for shorter ones. I, as a Literature Major, will read anything – Ulysses, James Joyce’s little novel only took me a week… My regular readers will know that I am a writer working on my first novel and it has been a work-in-progress since I was thirteen and won a national writing competition. I have had a couple of poems published and of course a collection of rejection letters.

I was told to begin this blog as a medical treatment but I have decided I am very passionate about the countless things I can write about, good days, my passionate ideas, my poor days, just hop in to see my words on the page. I do as many others do when frustrated,  break into a tirade. However, I have started to connect with several people who blog here. I have found them fascinating and find that I have been inspired to change things in my life as a result. I am inspired by what they have endured and survived, what they are currently going through. 

As I am so new to having my own blog, I simply have a basic framework but have plans to allow for more interaction and set this as a  more definite framework, I am not sure which direction it will take, as there is just such a huge variety you all have. My end goal is to have it set up So you join me, reply when you like my topic and let me know when you think I have squandered your precious time. 

Something I need to have tattooed on my arm to help me remember that I have a purpose and sometimes it is not easy.

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  1. Good luck with your blog! There is something satisfying in watching your ideas unravel as words on a screen/page! Don’t worry about not being too IT savvy, the most important aspect of blogging is quality content and the writing experience itself.

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