Letting the breeze blow…

A lovely hot hello to you today. I hope that you are having a peaceful, cool day with much joy. It is quite hot here today so I really have not done much. For those of you who still have Fahrenheit, we are sitting at about 94 which makes it 34 degrees Celsius, and I live on an island where we have had gentle breezes blowing throughout the day. I have managed to feed myself and the pets but little else. I think I will wait until this evening and do what I had on today’s to-do list. 

My plans for today were to sort out my paperwork and organise my writing unit. I am going to make up a journal that is designed to support people who have had strokes, debilitant by anixety and depression, or just need help to organise their days. I found it on facebook and copy to my page as I thought some of my students undertaking university courses could use it, I never thought I would find it beneficial to me. Once I have it all organised I will copy it to this page for anyone who may also find it useful. 

I am still feeling very anxious and the depression does have a strong hold on me. I feel as if there is some light at the end of the tunnel, even though I can not see the end yet, and I really do not think that I could tutor just yet, as interacting with damaged young minds may not be beneficial for them.  I can certainly have a go at setting up a  site online where I can interact with young people that have trouble with their English, or help parents that need assistance with developing their young one’s minds. 

I decided that I am going to set up a blog site for my female warriors and heroes from history. As I said yesterday I am going to teach myself to paint (I have not decided yet between acrylics or oils) but I am going to do an original painting (as I believed she would have looked) to match each of my recounts of her life and what importance she contributed. This is going to be my sanity, my way to hide from the world and regain some control over where I am going and what I am doing. These were the woman I grew up believing changed the world by giving all they had and not for fame, or recognition,  but simply because it was what they need to do. It is a project that is making me very excited and giving me a focus, a direction and a purpose as I have been saying since I was 13 years old I was going to tell the world about these amazing women.


I also did some reading on Sunday about the healing benefits of the various handicrafts, so I have decided to crochet a blanket (simple squares joined to create the blanket) and knit a couple of scarves. The sites I was looking at said that because the stitches are easier it makes it less of a challenge to get into them and set up a rhythm. So as we have just got into Summer I can create a timetable to make myself a new blanket and winter scarf.  I truly hope that this will help with the handshaking, but I will continue on as it will only improve with practice.

Well, thank you for sitting there and reading through all of my blog. I very much appreciate it. I hope that your day has been good and that everything is gentle with you until we chat again.


Boudica or Boudicca was Queen of the British Celtic Iceni tribe who led an uprising against the occupying forces of the Roman Empire in AD 60. She is a British folk hero. She was my very first hero. She beat the Romans initially but was beaten then executed by them after that.


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