Must Love Dogs.

A wonderful hello to you on this beautiful Sunday. I have been having a lazy day as yesterday was such a big day for my body. I hope that your day has been as you wanted and that you have found comfort and enjoyment. 

My blog today is going to be a short one because I am having an early night. I am going to take my psychologist advice and start to organise what I need to do, which includes forming a working timetable. For tomorrow, I am going to put my teacher’s portfolio and introduction letter together. I am going to rearrange my desk so I can actually do an online course that will allow me to expand who I can teach, and set it up so that it looks more like a workstation. Then set up a 2018 diary so I can keep proper track of my appointments. No good rejoining the world if I do not remember where I am meant to be.

I slept in this morning as my body decided that it needed the rest plus the medical staff did tell me that it would be likely. I have done a little reading and a little writing (still can not find my journal from when we changed rooms, so just writing on blank sheets), then I decided to have a look at a couple of the movies I liked from the earlier part of this century partly because it is fun and partly as the medical team had said that it will help my memory return (hopeful) to its full ability. 

I have always been a big fan of John Cusack and would go to the cinema to watch any film he was in. This was one of my favourites from way back when and I certainly enjoyed it as much watching again this time around. The cast is wonderful, I simply love the story and the ending is just perfect. I don’t think we ever really lose that desire to find that one person who will see us as the centre of the universe, and to be able to encase yourself in a version of that for an hour or so is just so comforting for the soul. 

Well, I hope that your day is treating you with love and gentleness, and all goes well for you tomorrow,

Must Love Dogs. 2005 ‧ Romance/Comedy ‧ 1h 38m. Starring – Diane Lane
John Cusack
Dermot Mulroney
Elizabeth Perkins
Stockard Channing
Christopher Plummer


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