Little bits are all that I need!

A very late hello to all and I hope that you have all have an enjoyable day, with a great outcome.  I have had a wonderful day and even though I am in a lot of pain I actually feel better than I have for months. I had two medical visits today and both were very good, the outcomes did not say that I am going to be mended straight away but there is something at the end of the tunnel.

My Psychologists is the one I dealt with in 2012 after a work-related bullying incident from the Principle. So we have a good connection and I feel very comfortable with her. To start with she has suggested that I look at doing tutoring for students that had issues at school. This is one of my really good strengths and I know I would be excellent at it. With my health as it is we can organise the tutoring around it. The other point she has put forward is for me to stop trying to regain what I had but rather work with my favourite skills. Writing, helping young people who do not get supported by the system, and that way I can feel comfortable with who I am. The rest will follow as the medical team work out what is going on, and the anxiety and depression will retreat as I see my writing improving and the kids getting better with there work.

Next, it was over to the hospital for an MRI, which had me terrified as I am very claustrophobic but the staff were so good.  They ended up having to do three addition scans and bring in a doctor as there was something there they were not too sure about. The staff said that it did not look serious but if it was anything to worry about the hospital will contact me ASAP. So I ended up being there so much longer than planned. The hospital staff then said I can drink nothing but water for the next 72 hours because the drugs they injected into me need to be flashed out completely. My daughter and her partner collected me than dropped me back at the local supermarket as I was too wonky to take the bus at the point.

I spent the next hour or so shopping then caught the bus, ferry and taxi home. My son and I had a chat so he could catch up on what was happening and he also put much of the shopping away. I ended up having a lovely greek salad for dinner, took my tablets, then settled in to put this together. I have had a really big day and I think I will most likely sleep for hours. I feel that the pain is really worth it as this is the first time in months that I feel as if I can really do something and not just sit or lay around with nothing to do.

Well thank you for reading about my day and I hope that your day has been as good as mine. 


Ancestral Ceremony to give gratitude for the gifts that I still have and the ones that I can rebuild upon. My heritage is Celtic and British Romany Gypsy so I am going to draw a little on the faith that allows me to draw on the natural environment and work in with what the world has to offer me!


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