Walking with the heros…again!

A hello to all and it is nice to actually get around to doing my blogs again. I hope that you are all doing well and I have been reading many of your work even though I have not been writing myself. Welcome to my new followers and it is very endearing to think that there are people who are happy to read my words.

My last blog hurt someone I love deeply, and that was not my intention, I thought it would help me clear my negative feelings without causing problems. When my medical team adviced that blogging would work as an idea for clearing negative feelings without causing a buildup of negativity on my health. I really never thought much further than that. So I have been doing some soul searching and thinking about how I can use blogging as a way to express myself without hurting those I care about. Still a work in progress, but I need to blog so I have decided to try and stay on more public type topics. Writing and words have and I guess will always be the centre of my world.

I have been watching ‘The Musketeers’ as it has always been one of my favourite stories in my teen years, and it is turning into a lifelong love affair. In fact, Alexandre Dumas’ novels have always been amongst my safe haven. It is interesting that what I found for enjoyment in my teen years are not the same bits and pieces I have been taken in by now, even my heroic musketeer has changed….now do not get me wrong they are all wonderful. However, life and the struggles I have endured has made me decide that I would run away with Porthos and not Athos anymore, actually, if I am being honest I think I would be more likely grab a uniform and join in.

I have decided to grab myself a copy of the novels and re-read them again, whilst watching the television show is fun and entertaining, there is nothing better than reading the novel yourself and creating the images, traits, and adventures all for yourself. 

Thank you for reading me and if you have not picked up one of the classics for some time, then do so and have a little walk down memory lane.


The Musketeers is a BBC period action drama programme based on the characters from Alexandre Dumas‘s novel The Three Musketeers[1] and co-produced by BBC America and BBC Worldwide.

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