Truth is the only answer!

Good morning to my usual readers and thank you for dropping by to see what is happening in my world. I hope that all is good for you. Now at this point, I am going to warn you that I am going to get a lot of frustration and anger of my chest and out of my mind as I think it is doing me much harm that I do not have the ability to deal with it. So if you close off here and find another activity that you need to do, enjoy yourself and I will catch up with you tomorrow when you pop in to see what I am doing.

I have listed my doctors record of my medical history as it stands at the moment – survival of child abuse: bipolar affective disorder: major depression: left sciatica: chronica back pain – lumbago: Bilateral neck pain with raidiculopathy: asthma: fibromyalia: osterarthagitis: reflux oesophagitis: right shoulder pain: sinusitis: righ supraspinaatus tendon tear with bursitis: osteoarthritits of lumbar spine: nausea:insomnia: sinusitis: epilepsy – seizures: GAD with panic attacks: migranine: Misc with D&C: Pilonidial sinus: CIN3 with cone biopsy:back injury with L4/5 disc propalse Lt knee O/A and lat menisca tear: osterarthritis – spine: Choleithiasis and Hypercholesterolaemia. 

I still have tests to undergo and I am working with two psychologists, who work in different fields. Please do not ask me to give you the break down for what any of that above means, as for me on a personal level it just means levels of pain, limbs ability to work, and what my mind can do. After I had the coma I have gotten worse and not been able to do anything, I have reduced memory, loss of feeling, the possibility that I can have a major fit and end up losing everything. I try to give it my best and ready to look for what I can find that I can fix each day. I especially try to stay calm. 

This morning a family member accused me of lying because it is rubbish collection morning and I found that there were only two bags of rubbish not even filling half the bin. So I asked them to take them out, and they said they had already taken about four bags to the carport (early in the week) and not bother to check that little bit future.  When I call them out on this they said that they had actually caught me lying often. Please understand me the one thing I can not stand and have never been able to forgive anyone for is lying. I have always admitted to what I have done for it is easier to get into trouble then try to cover dishonesty. 

I feel bad enough about the fact that I have trouble remembering details and information because of the stroke with people adding incorrect information that just upsets me more. I think that another thing that is hurting about all this is that I am a believer in the hippie ideology, where everyone helps everyone as needed.

Thank you to those who stayed with me to the end. Any tips you have would be appreciated. I hope your day is wonderful.


Never stop the search for that dream.


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