Creativity is contolling the inner demons.

A delightful hello to all and hope that your weekend is a treasure for you. Again today I am having a short blog as my mind is still drifting in and out. The doctors do tell me that this could be permanent, but I have decided that I am going to do the very best I can to get it back to full running power. I figure that even if it is a little insight into what I have planned or a rant about something that is annoying me then at least I am making it work.

I have started the New Year with the idea that I am going to undertake something every day. I am losing weight and for that, I have this wonderful little diet book that says to do one easy to achieve and one difficult task for your weight loss, so that has been easy to follow. I am opting to go with easy to prepare meals. I get tired quickly so for my exercise I have decided to start with housework (spring cleaning activities) and use the exercise bike every second day. Once I am up to it I can go for a walk but I am not going to push myself too hard, just keep it within my ability at the moment.

My creative outlet will be this blog, I am enjoying writing each day but I love reading other bloggers work, the diversity of topics, styles, and usage of language is just wonderful. After my stay in the hospital, I discovered that I may have a painting ability, so I am going to explore that and see what style I could master. I colour pre-printed books at the moment when I get really anxious so I will continue that. 

I have always been very good at any handcraft but now with the loss of feelings, and constant shaking in my hands make most of it impossible but I am going to start with those easy ones you generally get for your kids. Yep, I am getting used to the restricts I have and that it is going to be a long battle back. 

I, of course, am still using the New Year to settle into some of the things that change after my near death experience last year. I am trying to organise my timetable so that I can get done what I need them to be done with better planning. I try to stay out of my daughter’s way as I tend to bug her with my loss of abilities, not being able to remember things from one day to the next, needing her help, me having to move in with her, etc does get on her nerves. Trying to retrain myself for the tasks I have always considered simple, having a shower, moping a floor, washing dishes etc gets the better of me so there are days where I get really teary. That is why this year I have decided to ignore it straight away but to write it down, then and there, the next day I will review it and reason it with a clearer frame of mind.

Will that is it for me today, I am off to try this new recipe a friend sent me, raw beetroot, carrot, green leafy mix, red onion and feta cheese and dressing if desired but I think it sounds good just as is. I hope that today is good for you and you are treated with kindness.

An original pre-printed colour in owl completed by Adrienne Brayshaw. 05/01/18

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