Home is where you hang your heart.

A cheerful and happy hello to you and I hope that you are having a wonderful day. I am enjoying my day. I am not any better than I was for the past few days, but my son has decided that we are all changing our rooms. So it means that we can get a chance to redesign what we had. 

I am getting the middle room which is the smallest room so I can feel safer and there is a big old tree outside the window that gets lots of visitors, which will make me very happy. I like the idea of reorganising the house it always feels as if you have a new beginning. Plus it gives you that chance to really clean those hidden bits that are missed normally. 

My daughter has a sewing machine so I think that I will get myself some material next time I am over on the mainland and make new curtains and matching bedroom accessories.  If I am going to do the fresh start I may as well do it properly. I have a friend who sells beautiful melts so I will need to put in a new order as I just love going to sleep with one burning. 

I think it will be a good move long term as I have always been a handcraft person and I have stopped doing any of it since my turn because my hands are so problematic, but I think if I focus and just trial and error it, I will eventually get there.

Anyway, more of my belongs to sort, so thank you for giving up part of your day to read my blog and I hope that you have a wonderful evening.


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