Thank you!


Hello to all and I hope that your day it treating you with love and enjoyment. I am having a so-so day as my mind is just not in a good place, but I am hanging in there and achieving the task I have set for myself. This makes me feel as if I am getting the better of the demons.  

Today’s blog will not be too long as I am having trouble hanging my sentences and words together – very sad for an English teacher. I have decided to write today because I have read quite a few of your blogs that have been inspiring because of the honesty with which you write them.  I do not mean to sound heartless but when your world is filled with terror and an evil from which there is no escape, you get a certain comfort to know that there are others out there who have been through this or are living your nightmare as well.

The poster I have for today’s blog really hit a chord with me. My entire life I have been made to feel as if I am stupid, cannot do anything properly and have no skills of any worth or merit. Anyone asks me a question and I will automatically assume that I have made a mistake. I have never had any confidence in anything I have achieved in my life. Yet there are numerous things I have undertaken with success. I am the first female binder and finisher in Australia. I have organised numerous rallies against the horrid rule of the State Premier Joh Bjelke-Petersen, changes in Federal legislation etc, I have always been proactive trying to correct the wrongs in politics. I have done voluntary work with street kids and homeless people

I look at this on paper and think to myself just how silly I am but the moment anyone questions me I go back to that child who could never do anything right, the one who was always being punished, the one who was often told “you are fat, stupid and dumb, so you will just have to get used to that as you go through life”. Yes, I need help to overcome this, but I can tell you all that my daily readings of your blogs really does help to know there are those who have gone through it and won and those who are still fighting to get there. Thank you for sharing your journey.

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