New Year, New Chances

A happy New Year to all. I hope that you are having a lovely beginning for 2018. Many of you will still be counting down as Australia is one of the first countries to see the new year in. I know that it is still a tradition to create a list of things or ideas we have for the new year, many of which never actually get end up happening. However, it is the thought that counts.

This year I am going to regain my health and work on it slowly. I have closed myself off from the world after Christmas and did a lot of soul-searching. I worked out that much of my poor concepts of my abilities come from my childhood and the fact that I never received any credit for anything I did. This continued when I got married, so yes, I have BIG issues I need to fix. I have no idea how to resolve them so I will need to see a professional.

In amidst the soul-searching, I also worked out that eating is certainly a way I punish myself for negative/positive behaviour, I found this brilliant diet book that is easy to follow, written by a person who actually had to lose weight and it is easy to follow. And the part I liked best, is you only have to change two things – one easy, one difficult, so you see an immediate result as the easy ones ongoing. 

I am not going to think about what I want to do long term as it just gets me upset and frustrated, so I am taking one day at a time. I plan to set a new task for each day…it may just be something as simple as cleaning out a cupboard, going for a walk or experimenting with a new skill. I am going to write it up and how it made me feel, I am going to keep a record of how I feel both mentally and psychically and focus on the good.I have much on my medical and mental health sector to follow up on and I am going to try really hard to stay unstressed and simply include it in part of the regular daily occurrences.

New year, new approach and new outcomes. I was very much the ‘hippie’ in rebel against my strict upbringing and I have decided that this is the lifestyle I am going to undertake again. I was happy, comfortable and very at ease with my life. I am happiest helping others. I do not believe that I need to have the best or biggest of everything, and most importantly I really liked who I was. I think that is the most important thing of all is if you can not like yourself how can anyone else like you?

Thank you for reading my words and I wish you every happiness, much love, and unlimited success for 2018.


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