The wonderful world of convenience

A festive greeting to you and I hope that your day is treating you with much love and happiness. I am at home safely secured from those crazed last-minute Christmas shoppers, and just chilling with my 2018 planner, creating an easy and workable plan, for my road back to good health and a new improved ME! I have been sitting here rolling ideas around for me to blog about when one of my close friends rang me in a state…it took me about four minutes to work out who I was talking to as she was in overdrive with the Queen’s English and it sounded like the pub at closing time.

“Everything is a sham these days…you can’t get a straight answer about anything and in your search, you get signed up for a bunch of bullshit you didn’t ask for and don’t need and get endless emails and phone calls…and do you ever get what you were after? No.” That is pretty close to the beginning of my friend’s rant this morning…yes Christmas and getting the kids and grandkids presents organised is causing a few problems. 

She is having the traditional family Christmas at her place this year and it is the first time in about six years that the whole family will be together. It is all we have heard about for months, her children have spread all around the world, either with their jobs or marrying partners who are from overseas, and she will be meeting some of her grandchildren, in the flesh for the very first time. Her daughter, hubby, granddaughter (4+ years) and 6-month-old grandson are arriving on Christmas Eve as her early Christmas present from them. The family has this arranged as a surprise for her as she thinks that they cannot get here until boxing day. 

Anyway what the problem is that she has ordered special Christmas foods that have not been delivered as organised, so she has called the company to follow up, was told that it had gone to the transport company, call to them resulted in her being told that this was not correct and to call the supply company back. She said that in total she spoke to REAL people for about 20 minutes but sent over an hour and a half on the phone. Hubby to the rescue, rang the supplier and told the voice that both he and his son-in-law would be at the door at 8am and order WILL be in boxes ready to go! She has promised to let me know how it all goes.

I know that once the family is all there she will not care if they are eating baked beans on week-old bread, she was the one in the group that in grade one wanted to “just be a wife and mother”, and that has never changed in just over 50 years.

It did get me thinking, and my regular readers know how dangerous that can be, but just how often this modern technology really wastes so much of our precious time. Before technology, I needed to do some banking, off I went into the local bank, yes I may have stood in a line but generally not for long as there where several tellers working, you chatted with the people around you and then the teller. The shopping was the same, in fact as a child it seemed like a social event, your ma would stop and chat with all your friend’s ma. I know when my children were younger we would organise several of us to meet up at the local centre and make a day of it. I sometimes wonder if I still did that instead of online ordering/home delivery would my anxiety attacks be as often or severe.

I live on an island so my shopping can only be done every second day, and the number of deliveries is restricted, so if I am late, or forget I have to wait…it is far more time-consuming than the good old days, where I would have just strolled down to the corner store grabbed what I needed and chatted with the neighbours as I walked. 

Please do not get me wrong I find that technology is great….me being able to share my views with people from around the world is wonderful, but not every task that people do should be replaced by a machine. My friend’s problem would not have occurred before the age of technology, a staff member would have walked out to the storeroom to see if the parcel had been despatched and it would have gone from there. 

So thank you for joining me as I voice my views about the wonderful world of convenience, and I hope that the rest of your day is extra special.


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