Christmas Shopping!!!

Hello to you on this tremendous Thursday and I am hoping that it has given you much joy.  I have been brave enough to go to the actual shopping centre as I needed to get my scripts filled. And I can tell you that it was an experience I could have lived without.

We have a beautiful ferry ride to the mainland and this is the first time I have seen the ferry actually filled, not a spare seat to be had. Our bus was the same with people actually filling the aisle. When I arrived at the shopping centre it was honestly wall to wall people. I had a panic attack as I could not move without bumping up against someone. I walk over to the Hungry Jacks (in the car park area) and got a large soft drink, cheeseburger, small fries and popped one of my nerve calming tablets Once I had finished my treat I was calm enough to go back to the centre.

I had pre-ordered everything so all I really needed to do was pick it up and back on home. I headed down to the pharmacy for my tablets, but on my way down there I found this little boy, crying and obviously without his family. I got him to tell me he had his Ma and two siblings and they were walking but when he went to grab his Ma’s hand to show her the toy that he wanted Santa to bring him, “mummy was gone”. I convinced him to get into the trolley, cause his Ma told him that you do not go with people you do not know. We were nearly at the other end of the centre before I heard the distressed call from a young female child…YES…family found. Mind you the sister was a little disappointed that Ma gave her brother a cuddle and not the smack she had mentioned.

Feeling better I walked to the Chemist and got my tablets, straight back to Woolworths for our shopping and out of the centre. It really was crowding in on me. I had timed it nicely as the 250 bus was just pulling in at the bus station, so no waiting. So back to the ferry and taxi home, it has taken me about three hours to relax. I really have never been one for leaving my Christmas shopping to the last minute and now I know why.

I have decided that I am going to do a spring clean before the actual Chritmas/New Year week so that we can start the 2018 year with a clean looking and fresh smelling home. I have much planned for my new year, and I am going to start it with it all planned out and my little steps in place. I will allow for the ‘bad’ periods but I will be working really hard on creating a new me that I am proud of. It may even be one that does not have a problem going to the shops four days before Christmas.

Good luck if you are yet to do your shopping!

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