People v’s Person

My usual cheerful hello to you on this wonderful Wednesday, and I hope that it is treating you with much joy. Well, we only have five days to the big boy in red shows up to spread much love and happiness to one and all. I am one of those people who does truly love the festive season, largely due to the fact that my family and friends have always used it to get together and celebrate being a family. 

For me, I think that the way you celebrate it is entirely up to you and your family. Our greetings can be so simple and be fitting for the person you are chatting to – Jewish with a Happy Hanukkah, Christian and our Merry Christmas, African American and their Joyous Kwanzaa, or just a simple Happy Holidays, it really does not make a difference, it should be about the fact that we come together as a people. It should be about the fact that we have life, family and good health to celebrate that is important.

One of my favourite movies (Men in Black) uses a quote from agent Kay: “A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it!” This is true, you can reason with a person, have a conversation, and discuss an issue in a reasonable manner. Sadly, the same can not be said for a gathering of the ‘a person’. Throughout history, we have examples of groups of people making very poor decisions which have resulted in tragic results. The twentieth and into the twenty-first century is filled with classic examples of this, where if ‘the person’ ideology had transferred itself to ‘the people’ gatherings our world would be very different.

Now, how are these to connect I hear you ask, well I will explain. Our City Councils have gone all politically correct and we have our chrissy banners saying ‘happy holidays’ but I really do not think any of the residents have taken any notice. However, whilst I was at the local shopping centre the other day I overheard a family that was clearly Muslim chatting with a typical Aussie family, the kids were chatting about what they had planned and the Mum’s were enjoying a cuppa together. This was not a one-off for as I continued to do my business I noticed the multi-cultural diversity of this country really had no problems with what Christmas carol was playing, or what was hanging from the rafters, it was all about getting together and having time to celebrate friendship, family, and love.

That was good enough for me, it got my brain tick (not always a good thing) and it made me realise that much of this ‘US v’s THEM’ is not because ‘the person’ can not get along, it is as a result of HOW the media cover events, what the Politicians put out there with their blame-laying, and those funny portrayals of the ill-educated red-necks in Hollywood movies and TV shows, that has a horrid influence on public perception.  

I know that each country will have problems that present slightly different, here in Australia, we did not even acknowledge our Aboriginal as a person until 1967, even though they had served in our wars, worked the land and help the Europeans settle in, and we will still not give them their Right of Original land ownership. The Native American is treated the same and the White settlers have done little to correct it, we can then add the African American to that as the settlers imported them to work as slaves. We have a nightmare of a history for England and her colonization and we do not even need to step outside the UK for that one! The list continues but the point I wanted to make is that if the PERSON becomes more vocal and states in a clear, strong voice “I WILL NOT TOLERATE THAT” we will affect real change and have that wonderful Christmas/New Year week all year round.


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