Painting…a skill I will master!

A cheerful hello to all where ever you may be. I really hope that your day is treating you with much happiness and good fortune. It is currently 33-degree Celsius (91.4 Fahrenheit), so just a little on the warm side. I am so happy that we live on an Island as the sea breeze is great, even if it is only gentle. Well, today I am going to share with you what I have decided what I have put down as my first two task for my ‘reinventing me’ programme.

I MUST do the walking (will be also riding on the exercise bike) as I really do need to not just get the weight off, I need to rebuild my muscles, and get my energy level up to something that is beneficial for me. I was going to use my writing as my ‘I enjoy activity’ I thought a walk followed by the ferry trip and write a story to match the adventure but then I decided that it is a skill I already have and I should make it interesting and seeing if I can develop a new trick for my basket of tricks…

I have settled on trying to paint. It was one of the activities that they gave us to settle our nerves in the mental health unit, I ended up doing four as I had fun. I coped two of them from classics but there were two that I did with the Aboriginal colours (red, black, white and yellow), and I used my concept of the Outback – a part of Australia I really feel at home in. Now I am going to try oils and acrylics (I know I am not a watercolour type personality) and see what I can come up with. I can not see myself being much of the traditional type of painting but rather more of an arrangement of coloured shapes on canvas or paper. I am certainly looking forward to the broadening my skills…maybe?

I love the Outback of Australia and I have been lucky enough to gain many skills from my Aboriginal family, this sense of belonging was the inspiration for this original by me. 

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