I believe that I can make it happen!

Thank you again for dropping by to see want I am doing. I hope that your day has been successful and happy. I have had a busy day and have been out for most of the day, so I am very tired and I am pretty sure I will sleep well tonight. I had to visit the specialist at the hospital for the follow-up from the week I was in there in October with my heart problems. At this point, it is looking good but I will need another MRI in January with a return visit back to the doctor.

I did my shopping whilst I was on the mainland and I am hoping that I will have about a week where I can just stay at home and organise my time to get my diet plan into shape, with sorting my room and so on. I was thinking that by doing this I am not just meeting the first rule – one easy thing, one difficult thing – I will go into it feeling as if I am I control again. This is a feeling I have not had for quite some time.

I thought that if I was going to try and reclaim myself that I might as well do the whole “make me feel better” so with that in mine I got some body lotion and skin toner so I can treat myself and make it into a weekly routine. I have a lovely coconut cream for my hair that will leave me with a natural shine and recondition my scalp. I am going to see if I can find one of those lovely relaxing yoga type videos. 

As I have been told that this is at my own pace I am going to ensure that it is, and make relaxing and getting spoiled my priority. Once I lose a little weight I will go to the pool for water aerobics and see if I can find a massage expert that can help repair the damage that has been done to my shoulders. I know that it is going to be a long path back to creating a me that I am comfortable with, a me that has sorted out the problems from her childhood, but it is important if I want to have any sort of normal, happy existence where I can feel as if I am worthwhile.

I have the opportunity to reinvent myself and create the person I want to be. I can take the traits I like and keep them then add bit and pieces to make MY concept of perfect.


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