A BIG little book!

A delightful hello for this glorious Sunday, and I hope that you are finding it peaceful. Today’s blog is not going to be a long one as I have decided to follow the advice given in this wonderful little book. 

I had one of the nurses in the mental health unit mention it to me as a really helpful book, as the author was a ‘been there, done that, yo-yo dieter”. When I left the hospital and went home via the local bookshop to grab a copy. 

The first thing I noticed was that it is an A5 size book so I can keep it with me everywhere. It gets better as the format is easy to follow and not bogged down with technical language. There is a delightful balance between actual words and illustrations.

The method in which it is divided is just so simple, Page 5 Hello: Page 15 Body: Page 85 Mind: and Page 123 Start. The actual page format is easy to follow and it took me less than a day to read it. Mind you I have pencil markings on it now, stick notes everywhere and dogeared pages, and as I am a bookbinder by trade that should give you an indication of just how good I have found this little book.

I have taken my photos for the start and I will share them with the ones I take once I get to the halfway mark. This is my most important task for now and ALL my medical teams agreed on that, and I really believe that this book is the answer. WHY? This fifty-year-old woman who wrote it was morbidly obese at 128.4kg with fatty liver, high blood pressure, and pre-diabetes, and lost 30kgs in 30 weeks. Why do I believe that I can get it to work for me, she is just like me, just a normal woman without any fancy training and with a couple of simple changes to her own lifestyle, she found something that worked. 

Thank you for dropping by for a read, enjoy the rest of your weekend and I hope that your week treats you with kindness.



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