Rules are to be challegened!

A delightful hello to you on this glorious Saturday, and I hope that it is treating you with love and adventure. I have had one of those up, down days has been the norm for me since my brother’s passing, hence the lateness of me writing the blog today.  I am a child of the 60/70s so the rules where a little different back then, and people generally took it easy without the rushing around to achieve ‘goodness knows what for some nameless reason’. and no I am not being nasty as I was one of those people who did just that until my body said ENOUGH. I had a friend say to me the other day “the 1980s changed everything…it was a nothing positive decade” and after I thought about it I could see what he meant.

The 1960 and 70s challenged the social norms and remade us thing the rules we had in place for how society ran. Growing up then I certainly question things that my mother would never have done. I joined in protest and demonstrations about the Vietnam war, equality for women, rights for Australian Aboriginal people (at that point they were not even acknowledged as people), as well as playing down at the local park with the rest of my friends. It was a world were age did not affect your right to participate in challenging your preconceived ideal as a wrong

I lead numerous sit-in at school about the social injustices within the flawed education system and the wrongs of dividing learning in private and public (yes I still hold those ideals).  I honestly believed that when you see something that you know or feel to be wrong then it is your right to work toward correcting it. I certainly know that it is this passion that has kept me fighting and functioning for so long ( whilst I have other issues to focus on I do not have time to deal with my demons). It is certainly what I will be working my way back to. I am fairly certain that I am happiest when I am helping to make this world a fairer and more justice place. 

My journey back to where I was before my turn in June is going to be a long one but I can start with the little things first – regaining my health and getting my head to function as it did before the shutdown. will be slow but I need to lose weight as it is a bigger problem for my overall wellness ( the mental health team agrees on this as well), so it is doing one small thing a day. No big rush and I am not in any competition with anyone. I just need to learn to stop pushing myself to have everything done now! 

I have just got myself a book (one of the nurses recommended it) “The little book of BIG Weightloss” by Bernadette Fisers. She is a woman whose has lived that yo-yo life and has come up with some weight loss ideas that actually works. It is 135 pages long and A5 so it will fit into your bag and you have your tips on hand at all time. I fell in love with it…easy to read, great tips and something I can really work with. I will keep you all posted.  I am keeping that book with me so that it will support me with my allergy to changing my “I have always do it this way”. 

Thank you again for joining me and my insight into in little part of the world. I hope that your Sunday is perfect and you find that special time just for you.

Rules are there to be challenged. Why should I accept another person’s idea of how to do something or just accept that it is better than what I think will work.

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