Life…is it meant to be taken seriously?

Hi to all and I hope that the day is going as you hope for, that you have your share of happiness and relaxation. Today I am going to chat about one of my favourite people and I love him because he took the accepted social norms and ignored them. Yes, he could be classed as a problem but anyone who challenges society and gets people to question is usually identified as ‘a problem’

“Life is too important to be taken seriously”, this is one of my favourite quotes. I always had it on my wall to remind myself that I need to live the life I have but on my terms. Oscar Wilde created the order of these words to form this slice of inspiration. He gives you the idea to challenge the norms to make something of your life, to not just go ahead with what everyone else is doing just because…..

I love him, as in my view, he was a great wordsmith and could influence words to release humour which transcends the years as easily as he would sculpt them to build a monster that haunts you long after the book has been returned to the shelf. 

The Picture of Dorian Gray’,  a tale of vanity, lust, decadence, and all those other lovely traits that make life interesting; not always good for us but a little like that last piece of chocolate – fine so long as no-one else knows. I have decided to pick it up as it has always been one of my favourite stories, and I always find new messages with each reading, Age, I think, is the difference until now but with this last experience, I think it will be interesting to see what it has to say to me.   

I hear you ask why? Oscar captures the worst of human nature and makes it appear ok to act as you wish, given that there is no reckoning. The catch interestingly enough is that you are your own moral compass. Yes, people are flawed but most of us do try to do better, to forgive and to be just that little bit better than we were yesterday. I like to think Oscar had it ‘unright’, that given true freedom without fear of retribution, we would choose well.  

I am new to blogging so I am still learning. I am enjoying the experience but not sure what should or should not be shared. I am not sure what others like or read. I know that I find great comfort with the fact that I can get on here and write what I need to get through that day. Short, and just cover the fact that I made a promise to myself to blog every day, or exactly how I am feeling and hope that others can feel a little less alone (often my biggest enemy). It makes it the single activity the I am ENJOYING doing each day which turns out to be good for helping with my mental illness.

I write because of the way you can manipulate the English language. I write because I feel more at ease expressing emotion on paper than having to deal with people. I write because I love words. I prefer the term wordsmith to a writer. A wordsmith is a master of his trade, whereas a writer does just that. I write because it is the one thing I have had throughout my life that has never let me down, never hurt me or never left me, it lets me be honest, to ramble on for as long as I like and leaves me feeling very much loved regardless of what is on the page.

Words are meant to tell their story and in the hands of a master that is just what they will do. Words have started revolutions, destroyed governments, made heroes of fools, and created causes from nothing more than an idea. Now, back to the main idea for today’s blog, the reason for Oscar’s quote “life is too important to be taken seriously”.

With what I have been going through for the past five-plus months I have decided it makes no difference if anyone else likes your choices, what you want to do, the way you live, your creations, your concept of fashion, your image, your hairstyle and the list is endless. It is your life – the only one you get to live. You do what you want. Write, paint, dance, and sing, it really makes no difference if others see or understand. All that matters is that you are fulfilled. Please do not misunderstand me, you should never hurt others in your pursuit of happiness, but you are allowed to your own personal happiness.

I know I am my most critical advisor, so for me, it translates into if I like me and what I am doing then that is all that should really matter. I have to create a me that I am happy with. I know I have to learn to not take life too seriously, and I really do need to appreciate the importance of me for ME. 


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