Seeing myself through my best friend’s eyes.

Hello to you all from the land down-under, and I hope that your day has been wonderful. I have had a very odd day, with the emotions all over the place. I know that I am going to have these ups and downs but before I always had other peoples issues to fix so I could hide mine. This is a new learning path for me and I am on the very unsteady ground. 

I ended up going for a walk later in the day yesterday as I started to feel a little on edge and I thought it might have helped to settle me. I ended up taking a nerve-settling tablet to go to bed but still had an unsettled night. Today I have just been a little up and down and not really sure where I am but I did go for my walk and I cooked my meal so I can manage to get some of the identified tasks completed.

For tomorrow I have planned to only go for my walk, write up this blog and then I think I will just spend the rest of the day colouring in and sleeping. I may have done too much for the first five days out of the hospital and should have spread it out a little more evenly.  However, I am still hanging in there and know that I have limits and if I talk myself through the negative with a focus toward the positive I am aiming for, I can get to the end of the day. Baby steps are all I need at this stage!  Once again many thanks for reading how I am dealing with all this. xx


This was one of the exercises we had in the hospital, what do you like best about your best friend? Now if your best friend was here what would she have put down on that sheet about you?


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