Rejoining the land of the living!

A wonderful weekend hello to all. I hope that you have something great planned and that it will be a special two-day break. My Saturday has started well, I got up at six am and headed off for a walk…as I was so sore from yesterday I was going to make it a short one but I ended up walking for an hour (I will be paying for it later) as the morning was just perfect. Little evidence of people and so much in the way of nature and her beasties greeting the day. I grew up in the bush and have never really got over the call of mother nature.

Once I got home, quick shower and then my breakky and tablets, so I can kick back a have a restful day. I have checked my emails, facebook,  made my morning entry into my personal diary, and now I am writing this up, so I feel as if I have been so productive. I do have other plans for the day, so I am going to read some more of my JD Robb novel, I am going to make myself  80% dark chocolate with fresh ginger buttons (the health benefits makes it a guilt-free treat) and do a pasta with zucchini spirals and a homemade cheese sauce to go with it for dinner. I will most likely do some colouring in throughout the day as it is a no thinking, easy on the body activity.

I am serious about my rejoining the land of the living, and yes it is going to be slow. My activities for today allow for me to follow the doctor’s directives for a daily walk while keeping my people interaction to a minimum, my cooking has always been a fun, calming activity for me, and I plan on dividing it all up so I do not tire myself out, and the colouring in will ensure that I stay awake for the day so I will be sleeply enough for a proper night’s sleep.

Well, now I have bored you enough with the third day of my slow journey back to sanity, I will wish you all the best for a beautiful Saturday and hope that you find yours relaxing and peaceful.

Taken 9th Dec 2017 – could do with a haircut but I think I will grow it long again as I always preferred in longer.
Drawn 16th April 2015 from a photo a friend took of me at my birthday dinner in Melbourne. I was so happy and life was just perfect. I just thought that the smile in both is pretty close….that is just so good?


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