Baby Steps…with lots of help!

A happy hi to all and hope that the day has treated you with much happiness. I have had a good day and although I am tired I feel better than I have in a while. I am very appreciative of the day as I feel as if there is a reason to be active and happy. It allows me to know that I am starting to heal and whilst I still have much work to do it is in the right direction.

I had my doctors appointment today and she has helped me with my plan. Tomorrow I start with a psychologist where we will work with what is underlying from my childhood, as well as learning skills to allow me to combat the depression when it begins to invade. My doctor has also suggested that I continue with the daily walks simply to get the blood flowing through the brain and making it active.

I then did some thank you gift shopping for the kids as they have been so good for me through all this. I got some chocolates for the staff at the mental health unit as they took such good care of me, and really did make me feel as if I still have something to offer the world. I also grabbed a book by the Dalai Lama on ways to reinvent myself and loss the traits I do not need and became a truer me. And the last thing I grab was a colour by the numbers colouring in book for grown-ups…yes, I am serious, but I thought it would be just that little bit more challenging than the ones that are random.  

I am tired but do feel as if I have actually achieved something with my day. Yes, I am still depressed and find it difficult to honestly believe that I will eventually overcome all of this, but I have faith in the people that are supporting me…that is family members, some close friends, and several medical people, and of course the doctors have me on the necessary medicine to help with stabilising my moods. I have simple activities to do when I feel myself getting panicky, and I have a book by an author (J D Robb) I love which will allow me to read when I am feeling able. So it is little steps and I am not feeling as if I am being overwhelmed. 


A friend emailed this to me with the request that I allow positivity to enter my life. She went on to say that I have always been one of the happiest people she has ever know and that should mean something.


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