Learning the new!

A sweet hello to you and again thank you for giving up precious time from your day to read my words. It will not be a long blog today as I have one of my horrid headaches and bedrest ready helps clear it. It is just that I really gain so much from writing this up that I do not want to forego it even for a migraine. 

I have noticed over the past week or so whilst I have been reading all your blogs that there are so many different styles. We have ones that have numerous headings, some that give a small preview and a link to the full blog and the list goes on. So, of course, I  have now gone to the site and had a proper look. I started this because it was suggested as a way to help exercise my mind after my stroke. Naturally, the focus was on formulating the words into concepts (yes, I am still having serious problems with recalling words, spelling etc and as an English teacher and Literature Major it upsets me a little), but the main point of the exercise is to get the brain working again. 

I got onto this site at the first workshop at the hospital and just ran with it, without bothering to look at all the little boxes and pointers that explain how to set it up so you can include all those wonderful extras…being able to identify what topics your blog covers, having different subject headings, being able to connect with the other multimedia outlets like twitter etc (which I am also learning about), so now I think I am just about in the place to be able to expore these and see if I can get them working on my blog.

At the moment I have some friends who have been telling me to connect with Instagram as it is in the moment, so I have given it a go and yep IT success..I have a profile picture and I get some of my friend’s stuff occasionally but it is so random and I am yet to be able to send anything…one of my kids will help me fix it up as I have followed the directions and still have had no luck.

I agree that the internet is wonderful and it certainly is a great tool for keeping in touch with friends no matter where they are (one of my closest friends lives at the other end of this big country but thanks to the internet I get to see pictures of her grandkids, gardens, all the things friends generally share), tap into databanks with information that can help us, log onto sites to enable us to share ideas with those of similar ideals, in short it enables the answer to many of our needs.

So I continue to find this computer/internet thing a marvel and whilst I do not always get it right the first time, miss much of what is on offer, and still have to ask the most basic of questions, I will continue to use it to support me not just through my recovery, but to see all the world and its people have to offer.

Learning new skills whilst you are not well, is it beneficial? Is it okay to learn these skills as you go, or should you follow the steps? 



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