Novelist at work…

A cheerful good evening. I hope that your day has been good and that you have something special planned for your evening. I have had a productive day today. I still have not left my room and am battling with the demons but I have spent the day working on my writing. I started using writing as a tool to escape the horror of the real world when I was about five and it has been my most loyal friend since. 

Today I found a new journal so I can go back to writing in it on a daily bases, I filled my last one up about a month ago and my mindset has meant that I just did not replace it. I really am quite silly for not doing this as writing out the emotions, and about the demons does help me cope better. I have been using this and I feel so much better after I have completed my blog but I do not always get on, either I am not well enough or this area’s technology is not working properly and I just can not access it.

I also did some work on my book. I have been writing this since I was about 19 and realised that all of the books about heroes involved men. I have researched so many women through history who have stood out and have written about them. I most likely have enough for a collection of books and many of them are still missing from the books that are currently available. So I have been thinking that I might set up an internet site that covers this. Some of the info sites I have found on the net are wonderful, the information and the way the presenter puts it all together. Well, it gives me something to look into.

As for the rest of my writing for today, I have been updating a medical journal. My doctor has requested that I write up my problems, both psychical and emotional/mental, but I do not always get this done as it is very difficult. When you are experiencing pain and think you are dying, you do not write it up. I know that sounds silly and when I am okay I feel like a fool but when you are having an attack of any sort, be it a real psychical one or one brought on by an elevated anxiety level, writing anything down is beyond you.

I have written all I can manage for today and am going to try to get some sleep tonight. Sometimes when I write like I have today it acts a soother and allows for me to sleep without the demons and broken sleep invading.  Thank you for joining me and I hope that your night is peaceful and tomorrow is calming.



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