Learning to be me…

So we have made it to Friday again, and I hope that you have all had a good, happy week. I know that I am very happy to have got to here…with me, I have had many ups and downs this week, but I am looking forward to the weekend when all is on that ‘take it easy’ mode. 

Again, I have had an increase to my readership, which has made me feel wonderful for I write this for me and my need to try to understand my illness and the effect it has on me and my life. To discover that there are others out there who find it interesting enough to actually read is very humbling. I have spent much of this week reading many of my fellow blogger’s work and the range is mind-blowing, but I simply love the various insights and the level of emotions you choose to share with us. For a person who has had to spend the better part of her life hiding her faults and problems, it has been very cathartic to see fellow writers using words to get a voice to your world. 

I have read about training for a marathon, which gave me the idea that I could maybe use this as a way to get some of the nervous energy out of me, and use it to focus my mind on. Both my doctor and psychologist had said that working toward the local marathon two years down the track would very beneficial to my healing process. Another blogger covers design and I have put a plan together for my room, some concept that allows for me to feel safer and gives me that ‘demons not welcome’ design, I am very good working with my hands and it will also permit for me to work out some of that nervous energy as it is building up.

Then there have been the ones who use the various formats we have to express yourselves with, poems, essay and just freeform words. I have so enjoyed reading these as it allows you to see the world in so many different ways. I am one of those people who simply adores the English language and all we can do with it, the way the position of a punction point will change the entire concept, or you can use the words to suit whatever frame of mind you are in.

What I have found most calming is that bloggers are so open to sharing their world, words, styles, and creativity with the world. As someone who has just decided to take that step into admitting that she really does had health issues both psychical and mental that she must deal with, to discover this site where her fellow writers are so open with their world using our beloved words, is heaven-sent, my safe haven.

At what point do we lose our mind? Is it an illness we are born with that is triggered? Why does it get treated as such a horrible illness?

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