Tomorrow is another day…


Such important information and I really think we often forget about it. I can remember as a child my Nana (yes, she was one of those wise women) saying “ooh for goodness sake child, hands under your ribs and breathe in and out so your hands move up and down.

A wonderful hello to you all. I hope that you have had a great day and that you have achieved all that you set out to do. I have had an easy one as I am still trying to centre myself. My readership has increased and I have even had one of my pieces reblogged (for which I am extremely grateful), but I find that what amazes me the most is the fact that there are all these amazing people sharing ideas and that the community is so supportive. I guess that for so long I have been hiding away for fear of criticism that I forgot that the world of writers is far more supportive than the mainstream community.

Today I have spent much of the day resting up, catnapping and reading words from others who share their struggle with the ‘normal’ world. I have found it interesting that there are so many creative people who struggle with their identity, free thought and what they have to offer. Many of the great creative minds were not recognised until well after their deaths, Vincent Van Gogh is most likely the best know one. It is such a difficult path, to share with others your creative concept, be it words, colour, design, or notions, and have it criticized by some, loved by others, and ignores by the rest. You take a part of you and put it out there knowing that it is going to be viewed, pulled apart, and not necessarily liked but having this compelling need to share, regardless of what comes back.

I find myself wondering if this is why creative people, those who make the world beautiful, those who create the concepts that make us question, and those who demand that we change the boring for the delightful, do not really understand why we do not quite fit into that horrid mold of ‘normal’ that society keeps trying to squeeze us into. My favourite Einstein quote is “Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else has ever thought”.  I think that much of the ideas and concepts that have changed the world have been via this ideal.

I do know that for much of my panic/anxiety attacks and my thoughts during my depression, I am far more creative, not necessarily stuff I could share with the wider community but certainly work that I can come back to and see where and how I view things. I come up with ways of solving problems, I create my stories, I can be comfortable with the fact that my head does not work as it should. Society demands that I work my way through it so I can go back to be a functioning member. Do not get me wrong, I really do have some issue that I need to work through but this is because adults behaved inappropriately with me whilst I was a child, and I still bear the scars, it has nothing to do with my actual depression, which for me, releases my creativity. It is as if my body and mind decide that it is holiday time and I get to do what I enjoy the most.

I do need to talk to a specialist because I am smart enough to know that I do have issues that I can not work through on my own. I am smart enough to know that whilst I have the formal education to be able to read up all the tips and exercises I should be doing, I really am the patient who needs to be guided and supported until I have these skills built into my little bag of tricks. I am not that superwoman who has been hiding her problems away for years, pretending I am just great and nothing ever gets the better of me. I really do need to be honest and that means, for me, openly and getting the help as and where I need it because hiding away for me is a lifetime habit that I must remove from my options.



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