Help with the anixety?

Good Evening and I hope that you have had a restful weekend. I am going to be really self-centered tonight, so if you have other things to deal with, I will wish you good night, sweet dreams and enjoy tomorrow. I will be most understanding as I sometimes have too much of my own stuff to do to listen to another’s problems. I just want to put this out into this community as I spent time over the weekend reading many of my fellow bloggers work on this site to find that most of you do share problems from time to time.

I have been really good for the end of this last week, and have been working on getting plans and programmes into place to support my road back to where I should be. I have been feeling better about this and not worrying about others thinking that I am weird or to be avoided because I could be dangerous. I went to sleep a little on the early side last night but woke about 1 am in a full-blown panic attack and have not been able to bring myself back to ground at all today. I am thinking that I may have to go to the hospital to make sure I do not do anything silly.

I sometimes think that I expect too much from myself, so if I state that all is good, then it will be good. I feel that maybe I have got this pretending that I have no problems or mental health issues from my entire life down to a place where I could just ignore it because I had other things to focus, but now I know it is just me I have no way of controlling it. I do know that I am really scared because I do not know what to do! I think that this is something that is not talked about out in the open so when you are having a break away from your world, you are not too sure what to do?

I am very sorry for being so selfish and making this all about me but I do feel a little more in control for have shared this. If you do have tips on what you find helpful when you are having an episode please feel free to share. 


Do the demons annoy you without warning? Can you be chatting with a friend when you need to run and hide? Why do your insides feel as if there is a battle going on?


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