A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall

A happy hello to you and I hope that your day has been both cheerful and gentle with you. I have been having a good day today. I have done a little housework, some washing, moved my room around for that new feel and a little writing on a book I am hoping to get published one day. Of course, I was late getting out of bed so I had over ten hours sleep which always seems to make a huge difference for me. I had my breakfast as well in a very relaxed and easy way, just listening to music and chilling….

My Nana is English but her Ma is Scot, so the family has ‘traditional rolled oats’  for breakfast, and I am one of those odd ‘Aussies’ that really does love them. Soaked overnight, cooked in a proper pot on a hotplate and served with yoghurt, fresh fruit and heaps of love! So I had pretty much the perfect day. I ended up getting my appointment for my MRI for December 4th so that is good. The medical profession has again advised me to not stress myself, no strenuous activities and if I feel at all odd call an ambulance and straight to the hospital. I am trying to follow orders. I have my doctors appointment tomorrow so we will be able to actually work out my personalized mental health plan, which will make me feel safer.

I am not sure that being open about my health and how it impacts on me, my kids, family,  friends, and people I encounter is such a good thing, then I will read a blog  or someone’s entry on Facebook or encounter another person at the hospital, clinic etc and realise that this is a medical issue that is still viewed as ‘evil’, ‘imagined’, ‘demonic’, or any number of anti-social negative descriptions to explain how we deal with our demons.

I can tell you that it is not and I am not evil, I have raised two kids, gained two degrees, completed my trade (Binder and Finisher – broke down social norms by being the first female one in Australia), worked as a teacher, counselor, and youth worker, all without my demons, the voices in my head, the nightmares that torment me affecting those I worked with and helped along their way.  I am that storm….can look scary and often may not be what you wanted, but you take a breath, sit down and just enjoy what it has to offer, you will find it is just what you needed.

storm last week
The picture was taken in Brisbane area, to pretty not to share. The title for my blog today is the title of a Bob Dylan song that I rather like.


Link to Bob Dylan song  – A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall.


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