Monday, Monday, so good to me!

Well, I hope that your Monday is treating you well. I always enjoyed Mondays as they were the ‘ease into the working week’ day. The morning started by catching up on the gossip whilst getting the morning coffee, then reviewing what was to happen for the week, followed by morning tea and then actually getting down to doing some work. I often get a giggle out of the jokes you see about the nightmare that Monday is, most of the people I have worked with over the years had more issues getting through Wednesday.

I am having another gentle day as I am not feeling too good but all is okay on that front as I have a doctors appointment on Wednesday and we will be looking at organising a head shrink (that is not meant in any negative way, it is just that I do not know which one issues the med’s) to help me get it all sorted. At the moment I have to organise several medical appointments and I think that if I have my mental health issues in a better state then I should be more capable of dealing with the other health problems. 

I am still trying to write up my personal journal but it is difficult as I am shaking when I write, forgetting what I have been doing or losing feeling in my fingers so it makes it hard. I have been doing some colouring in and enjoying that as a relaxing activity (I am going to share one here with you when I get game enough), and of course, the computer…where would we be without that. 

I like the computer, you can use it to record your ideas, thoughts and share with it the secrets that you do not have anyone else to trust with. You can travel the world without leaving your room, make friends and swap ideas with people from countries you have never heard of. You can enrol in courses and continue to explore the planet, learn a new language or hobby….in fact, your options are endless. 

So yes, my Monday did get – up – and – go without me but I have caught up and added something that shows I can still function on that first day of the working week, and that makes me very happy with myself at the moment given that my head does not work, my memory is on vacation and and the rest of me is waiting for the painkillers to kick in!

Enjoy your Monday and I hope that it is all you could hope for! xx


It really has a reputation that it does not deserve. I rather like Monday as it is the easy back into the working week day!


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