Sunday Living!

A cheerful hi on this lovely Sunday. We have had a perfect day here and the locals seem to have enjoyed the day, I hope it was the same in your community. Sunday’s have always amazed me, it is the day of rest (I have a Catholic background) but it was such a busy day, family gathering, church service, organising everything for the upcoming week, and to finish the day the traditional family evening meal.

I know that there are numerous other ways of celebrating the Sunday and I have formed the opinion that all of these varied ways have one thing in common….Sunday is a very important day for most of society. I think anything that allows family, friends and the numerous sects of society that we have to relax and join together to enjoy the best that their community has to offer has to be wonderful. 

I know that here in this city there were at least ten different activities that I could have attended all within easy travelling distant, and they were activities that families from all walks of life could have gone to…in fact, one actually promoted that there was no entry fee. As a person who used to ignored my housework to make sure my children (and often their friends) attended these activities, museums, art shorts and just picnic lunches in the park, I really miss doing this, it just isn’t the same on your own, but it still makes for a nice day out, and it certainly makes me happy to see the families dragging they children along creating the memories the kid’s will treasure years from now!

It is one of the goals I have on my to-do list once I have beaten my horrid demons, I love just using my Sunday for relaxing, up at daybreak, out early, cafe for a special breakfast, then walk until something catches my eye, it could be watching a family at play, a couple married more years than I have walked this planet, nature being nature, I write my thoughts, walk to a gallery and see how other’s see this world, I enjoy what society has to offer, and am so grateful to be part of it all. Sunday has always been my favourite day and as my Mother used to say to me “a day of thanks”. 

I agree totally! I know that my Sunday’s were always my special day of the week, my thankful I made it through last week, thankful I have next week to make a difference, thankful I have my health and thankful I have my friends and family to make my life worthwhile. I know that I am struggling with my life at the moment and that I am having far more days where I wish I was not here (do not worry I have too much experience to take that step – I will seek proper help first), but the nearly fifty years I have been dealing with this has taught me that I will climb back out of this pit, it may take longer but I will do it. 

This time I have made the choice to share my journey and that is helping, as I have always thought it was just me. That I was being punished for not being a good daughter, student, wife, friend, mother, employer or person, but as I read what many of the bloggers here are sharing I am seeing I am not alone, and that it is not a punishment, (it is a real medical condition that requires support) and that it helps to be open, to share and learn to stop punishing yourself for crimes you have not committed. I am in a full blown anxiety/panic session with a depressive episode controlling most of my days, and hiding out at home, sleeping at the oddest times, imagining the worst of demons and the torment I am being subjected too. 

I have this blog so I can use my words (my safety net since I was about four years old) and express how and what is happening to me, I have people who are actually reading this and have travelled the same road, sharing their experience, and supporting with their stories. I have an insight into a world that I have thought was my solo punishment for many, many years. It makes it easy to deal with and I am hoping that when I get through this one that I can work on putting exercises in place that will help to stop this from happening again.

Life does not always go as we plan, but to always look toward the next adventure, gives you something to focus on!


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