A Saturday hello to y’all and I hope that you have some wonderful activities planned for your weekend. Today I am going to have a short blog as I am not dealing again…I have been really experiencing a Rolla-costa ride with this depressive episode. I simply can not get a handle on it. I do not know if it is because of the extra drama my medical problems have created or the coma has changed something in the way I think that I have to adjust to.

Well, yesterday I was I bed for most of the day as I was very light-headed when I moved, not that I could have written my blog as the internet here on the Island was playing up and I could not get on to this site. I watch the new Spider-man movie – Spider-Man: Homecoming (yes, a geek from way back), and loved it, I would recommend it to anyone who is into the marvel heroes. 

I also did a little research on various ways to set up a business from home and was really surprised at the numerous options you have available.  Please feel free to share if you have set yourself up in one and it is working. I really do not think I can go back to the ‘real’ world to work again.

See I told you it would be a short one today I am really tired now, have the shakes and my vision is blurred. So I will sign off, wish you a happy evening and hopefully I am back on to chat tomorrow!

The way I feel at the moment – I am not sure if I am feeling the emotional heartache because of my depressive state or my numerous illnesses or a combination of both, I simply know I wish I had a normal life again!

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