Smile – it is the difference someone needs!

A very cheerful good morning to you and I hope that your day will be all you can possibly hope for. I hope that your plans for the day are interesting and keep you in a happy place. I am planning on starting my food books. I will explain that as I get into today’s blog. I am just doing a random one today as my mind is a little on the random side.

To start with I would very much like to thank the people who cared enough to make contact yesterday to let me know that I do matter, it really does make a difference. When I am in a depressive stage I really just ride it out, the only thing that is different this time is that I am actually being open about it and not pretending that everything is good. My doctor has said that being open I will be better able to recognise how I am being affected and this will mean know how to deal with it all.

I have been reading this lovely story this morning about a well-known football player in America who was visiting a middle school and sat with an autistic child for lunch. I have added the link. I ended up in tears by the finish of the story as the mother’s words hit a chord with me, (every parent can relate to these desires for their child) but it was what this well-known person had done. It dawned on me that all too often we get up and just go straight for the negative news….so I made a promise to myself I will still read the news but for each sad, negative or anti-social story I will find one that lifts me, makes me feel happy and gives me hope for society.

So what do I plan to do today, I am still having big problems venturing out into the real world but with the realo coming here today, I will have to go for a walk as it is easier for me to be alone, and this is the reason I have been awake all night – stress is wonderful for stopping sleep. However, before they get here and once they have been I am doing my writing. I really enjoy writing, so first up I am doing this masterpiece, and then I am going to work on recipes that may be of benefit, not just for me but maybe others eventually.

I have a very good relationship with my doctor and we were chatting about the way in which different foods impact on the various organs, and how if something is now working it will stop the body absorbing the required nutrients from the food. At the moment I have a very sensitive digestive system and it is rejecting many of the foods I have enjoyed for years. So I have been going through looking for things I can consume that have the necessary vitamins and nutrients, I can make up so it is easy to consume. Smoothies, stews, and casseroles are what I have been focusing on and the smoothies are so great as it is just combining the various nutrients from your fruit and veggies and off you go. The other benefit to this is I actually feel as if I have a purpose in life at the moment. Just think if I become a really famous recipe writer you will be able to say….”I have been reading her stuff since she was a no-one blogger”.

I did not sleep last night as I was in such a state about the visitor today, so I had plenty of time to think. I got one of my little notebooks out and did up a working daily plan for myself. I have decided to actually start using my alarm, breaky, lunch and dinner will be set each day, no excuse. I will go for a walk before breakfast (if I am unable to go outdoors I will use the exercise bike), shower after eating then morning activity – writing, colouring in, craft or maybe cooking but something that makes me think and be active. I think that this is enough at the moment because I just need to find a focus. My doctor and I are organising a head-shrink for me to visit so I can work out my issues and find ways for me to deal with them. 

Well, thank you for bearing with me as I rambled on this morning. I really do enjoy being able to write this all out. It amazes me that there are people out there who actually read my words, and thank you to those of you who send messages of concern, it really did make a huge difference. Have a wonderful day and may the sunshine just for you!


Each sunrise is a new day, it is up to you to make it to the end….sometimes it is easy but on the difficult ones just remember you DO HAVE A FRIEND who will help you.


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