Finding ME!

Good Morning to you and thank you again for taking the time to read what I have to share. I hope that your day is treating you with love and kindness and you are getting from it all you desire.

To start with I would like to apologise for the somewhat erratic order of my blog yesterday. I am still adjusting to the new meds and getting used to the impact that the recently diagnosed conditions are having on me. When I had a re-read last night the English teacher in me was in tears…the patient was just happy I had it out and could actually look at how much I am being affected at the moment. 

I really am struggling with the whole letting go of the capable person I have been for so many years and actually letting people know that I have had some of these problems going back as far as when I was four years old, but if I want any chance of healing and become a functioning person again then I must do this, no matter how bad or useless I feel. 

I am setting one task a week and focussing on that for the week. It may seem like silly things to others but they are tasks or chores I have never really place any importance in. I will share what I mean….having breakfast was never important because as a child I had to organise my younger siblings first and I ran out of time for me, when I started work it was a 6am start so I had no time, and then I became a mum so it was my kids. My doctor has now put breakfast as my important focus for this week. I have found this lovely selection of smoothies, which are easy, taste good, and get me into a routine. It is also easy on the tummy so on the days I have an unsettled stomach I can still have my breakfast.

I  am not sure what I will do for my week two retraining exercise but I have so many things that I do not think I can do properly or I feel unsure of, it will be simply working out what I think I need to master first. It has been really interesting applying to my life the skills I take into the classroom with my students for how to master a skill.  – What do you need it for? Who will see you using it and does that making any difference? How can you change it for other uses? Remember, everything you learn should be able to be adjusted and changed as you travel through life. You should never stop learning for life is a big adventure!


health smoothies

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