Treasuring Family.

A peaceful Sunday to you and hope that you have found the rest you needed from your weekend. I am again having a restful one and of course going crazy because I can do nothing but stretch out and anytime I try to do anything remotely normal I am having my little turns. Of course, this means I have plenty of time to ponder the numerous questions in life. The one for the past twenty-four hours has been family, illness, aging, caring how the different cultures and groups deal with it.

I was reading an article from Norway about the way a family cares for those who are aging, ill and so on, that the concept of family is paramount to them and still underpins their society. In the societies from around the world where this is copied, it appears to be the same, that is where the elderly are appreciated and treasured it is interesting to see how it impacts long-term on them. They have less illness, continue to engage in social activities for longer and in general add to the overall wellness of their society. 

Whereas the societies where we had lost this notion and undervalue the elders and what they have to offer, it is these ones that have the young lost, the elder adrift and those in the middle in total confuse and not knowing what is wrong or how to fix it all up. I know as a child I would often ask my nana about something or get help because she always seemed funnier or knew just how to make it right. I have watched my friends who have that extended family notion still in operation, and it is amazing just how well their family works – the closeness, being there for the good and the bad, caring for each and every member  – and you know that life can not throw them anything that they could not overcome. 

I think society needs to review this, and not as a to do down the road but rather ASAP. I recently became ill and now feel as if I am a burden on my family so it adds to the whole set-up in a very negative way. Unfortunately, one of my close mates has also become ill, her outcome has been the opposite with her entire family rallying from sisters, hubby, kids and grandkids to not just care but to provide the love needed to help with her recovery.  So as a society it is way past time where we go to these families that really work and ask them to help us fix our very broken society.


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