Rest, Relaxation and Regulations!

Well, it is the end of the week again, and I hope that it has been a good week for you. I would assume that you have some plans for your weekend sorted by now and I hope it is a relaxing one. I have had a big week and have not been well so I will be doing very little but colouring in, a little writing and plenty of resting. 

I had a Centrelink appointment this week as it has been decided that after 6 years on New Start (medical certification to state that I could not work), Centrelink have decided that I am now capable of returning to 15 hours per week. The review officer just did not understand that I have this massive list of impairments that restrict what I can do and as a school teacher I can not have turns, blank outs etc, whilst teaching the children, making it impossible for me to teach in a classroom.

I am a survivor of childhood abuse (physical, sexual and emotional), have bipolar affective disorder (diagnosed 1976), reflux oesophagitis, major clinical depression, chronic lumbago back-pain (disc L4/5 compacted and degrading), bilateral neck pain with radiculopathy, asthma, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, reflux oesophagitis, right shoulder pain, sinusitis, right supraspinatus tendon tear with bursitis, osteoarthritis of lumbar spine, nausea, insomnia, epilepsy,  irregular heartbeat, liver problems and gallstones. All of this is now on record with my GP but some of it is from not so good medical records, some of it because of my shame and changing doctors all the time and some because it is just so far back. 

Now as I am not a doctor I do not really know what half of this stuff is but I can tell you that there are days I can not get out of bed, days I do not know who I am, I feel useless and am very frustrated by the fact I can not do anything…this is what the medical profession has told me, and they are still organising for me to go into for various specialist test, from MIR, brain scan, and heart capacity testing.  I have the medical profession from my doctor, the hospital doctors, the specialist and the nurses telling that I MUST LISTEN TO MY BODY and rest, stop creating additional stress and relax about the issues I have no control over. As these people have given so much of their lives training in their profession I am included to follow this advice. 

The staff member from Centrelink yesterday (a very nice person and just doing their job so please do not think I have an issue with them personally), with no medical training, has made the decision that after the 18th of January 2018 that I will be capable of doing 15 hours a week work. If this was a possibility I would be doing part-time teaching now. I was trying that 2016 for the last six months of the year and I just ended up in a hospital and extremely ill. I find myself getting frustrated with the decision-making process being taken away from those who are actually trained to assess my health and well-being.

Well, thank you for listening to my little rant about the government bureaucracy, the silly way it works, and allowing me to get the frustration out of my system. I am hoping to have some sort of writing career well and truly in place by January so I will not have to bother the staff at Centrelink. I hope you have a wonderful Friday and thank you for taking the time to read my words.

Centering myself and trying to find a place for relaxing mind, body and soul.

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