Time out with friends.

A happy hello to you on this lovely Tuesday. I hope that you have been having a good few days, I am sorry that I have missed the past couple of days but I just have not been well. Neither my head or my body has been working and I have my doctors appointment this week, so I have needed to rest up. 

I have been watching the Marvel movies with all my superheroes. It has been so wonderful, my brother and I were huge fans of the Avengers when we were kids and I had forgotten just how much I enjoy them. So I have spent the past couple of days bed resting, watching the movies, and reading the profiles for them all. 

It is very interesting the morality that is interwoven into both the comics and the movies. Reading that as a child you did not notice that stuff and I naturally let my kids read then watch the superheroes because I had grown up on it, so I naturally know it did not have any negative messaging for the kids. As an adult, I noticed just how dysfunctional the heros are as individuals, but when they come together to protect society and fight evil they draw on each one’s strengths to create the impressive team that overcomes the villains.

I watch them and read them because I find comfort, in not only the heros overcoming evil, but the sense of safety and security that I have associated with them from my childhood. It is a wonderful form of escapism that has allowed me to get some rest and oddly enough a sense of safety when I nap. 

I know that we all deal with our demons differently but at the moment I am grateful for Marvels Avengers and the way they are helping me fight my villains.

Rogers, Stark, Romanoff, Barton, Banner (HULK)  and Thor rallied to defend New York City against the Chitauri and succeed in closing the wormhole, thus foiling Loki’s plans. – The Avengers (2012)

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